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Alternative to Good Girl Perfume Fragrenza

What Is the Good Girl Perfume? –

An exotic floral oriental eau de parfum, Good Girl Perfume is now being offered through the website The perfume was created by the well-known brand Carolina Herrera. The Good Girl Perfume fragrance line is a collection of scents created by Carolina Herrera for contemporary women of various ages and stages of life. The creative vision of Carolina Herrera depicting the dichotomy of the contemporary woman as both bold and sensual, elegant and enigmatic, and good and terrible. If you want a fruity aroma that fills you with feelings of affection and warmth, the Good girl perfume that can be purchased at is the product for you.

Some opinions on the Good Girl Perfume may be found on

Commentary from Janet :

It is a fragrance that has many faces, given the many facets; it is a perfume for those who do not want to reveal everything at first sight but let themselves be discovered in its various character sides. Good Girl Perfume is a sensual and mysterious perfume, perhaps too complex to understand but not trivial: it is a fragrance that has many faces, given the many facets, and it is not trivial. In contrast, the bottle, which has been criticized for being tacky and cafona, is, in my opinion, among the most beautiful. Remember that kind of woman who always wants to make a good impression and show confidence towards the viewer, whether in an interview, formal occasion, or emblematic moment of her life, or for a dinner with partners and friends; a carnal and bewitching fragrance. This is the kind of woman who would wear a scent that is seductive and seductively carnal. It begins in a naughty manner with a splash of lemon and bergamot, which is surrounded by an almond that is as gorgeous and creamy as it is pungent but does not include any coffee. After approximately half an hour, it moves violently on a heart that, on me, already blends well with the base notes: I feel the sambac jasmine, the orange blossom, the tuberose, a very sweet milky hint and already from here I feel very well cinnamon, the cocoa dissolved by the sweetness of the praline that merges with the sweetness of the amber, the rest is an evolution so fast that it cannot keep up with it, all of these single notes will then be Whoever or whatever your “target” could be, the aroma will absolutely astonish them and will get their attention. I like it, I enjoy it so much that I feel as if I am its victim because it knows what it wants and catches it without any ifs or buts; it makes me feel as though I am one-of-a-kind and unrepeatable of the series; “here I am.” According to me, the greatest gourmet that can be found everywhere. I do not get the same chemical feeling as the flanker suprême, and I find it hard to believe that Turner was the one who came up with it since, in my opinion, this progenitor is a work of art. The length is crazy: it may even surpass 10 hours on garments, the Projection is severe for approximately 5 hours until it decreases to a medium level, and the duration is crazy. A fragrance that is able to provide you with the appropriate boost for everything that exemplifies the chance that life gives us to reveal who we are, and I dare to ask, why not?

The verdict is in from Amanda. V:

Electricity and sillage: The power should last for at least eight hours. Sillage projects at a reasonably strong level after it has been sprayed, but during the first three to four hours after application, it projects very strongly. After two hours of use, the fragrance is still detectable on the skin. 9/10 Scent: A fragrant combination of smoky tonka bean, almond crème, delicate floral, and a hint of linen with a charming, clean, and feminine aroma. It is ideal for the cooler seasons, including autumn and winter, as well as evening and nighttime gatherings. 10/10 Packaging: I purchased the one-ounce bottle of Good Girl Perfume from because it is small and portable enough to be used in various settings, even when traveling. However, due to the bottle’s design, it may be difficult to fully preserve it when packed away in a suitcase. Thus it is highly recommended that you bring the box with you when you travel. Aside from that, I believe the spritzer and cap to be fairly durable, and I have not had any problems with them. Additionally, the bottle is precisely leveled and balanced, and as a result, I have not experienced any problems placing it in my vanity or displaying it there. 9 out of 10 points are recommended for use throughout the autumn and winter months, in the evening or at night, for women over the age of 21, and for a gently classical and dreamy scent. It gives off an air of luxury and a delicate, pillowy quality, while also creating a picture of power that is seductive and even sinister. The color scheme that first springs to mind? colors such as dark emeralds, silver, burgundy, and purples that are darker yet still comfortable. An excellent blind purchase option for those who like delectable aromas and confections.

The verdict, according to Emily:

More dark, deep Sensual; NOT Fruity or Floral

Since quite some time ago, hehe, I’ve been carrying about the biggest bottle available of this particular scent. Because a little amount of perfume goes a very long way for me, purchasing a larger bottle is the most cost-effective option. At addition, the aroma was pleasant enough in the shop where it was sold. An employee said that it was their most popular item. Bottle was really peculiar in addition to being clean and adorable. But I’m at a loss for words when it comes to describing the odor. It does not have any flowery or fruity notes at all. Be cautious with the sprays, because she lasts and lasts and lasts… particularly on clothing. It has a deep musky fragrance that almost has a sexual quality to it, and it has some type of nearly-sensual quality to it as well.

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