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Armani Code Profumo

Armani - Profumo Code
Armani – Profumo Code

The Code Profumo fragrance by Armani

The Armani house is known the world over for its flawless style and very strict codes: simplicity of lines, sobriety of colors, perfection of detail, comfort of materials. Also, when the brand creates a perfume, it ensures that these criteria are also scrupulously respected. Thus, it is this requirement that has probably enabled Armani Code to climb to the top of sales and to remain there since 2004. Also, the announcement has just fallen, a new chapter in this story should be written as soon as possible. early 2016. Indeed, the house of Armani has decided to launch a variation of its star fragrance which will henceforth be called Code Profumo.

Armani Code Profumo, a new synonym of elegance and seduction

Armani responds above all to the image of a sober and classy man. He is dressed in a very elegant black suit and is adorned with neat details that make all the difference at first glance. Also, it is accessorized with a perfume in its image. This perfume has been called, since 2004, Armani Code . It is imagined for a refined man whose natural charisma radiates and stands out from others. However, the house has now wanted to highlight its more seductive side.

It therefore offers us an original essence, raw but no less elegant. Code Profumo starts off with a particularly invigorating aspect. We find in particular the citrus notes already present in the initial version. Its flight is made with a contribution of green mandarin, combined with the crunchiness of apple as well as the burst of cardamom. This start is particularly dynamic and somewhat zesty. Then, its heart evolves towards a touch of lavender, so dear to men’s perfumery.

It is worked to be particularly modern and embellished with the luminosity of orange blossom as well as the spicy tones of cinnamon. Finally, Code Profumo ends its journey with the sweetness of the tonka bean which dominates in its wake, however, this one takes on a somewhat amber aspect and reinforces its virility through very leathery aromas. Armani Code Profumo intends to reveal the seducer who is in you and the year 2016 can only succeed for you.

Armani keeps its bottle and its muse

Armani Code Profumo - Commercial with Chris Pine
Armani Code Profumo – Commercial with Chris Pine

On the bottle side, Armani Code Profumo largely takes on the aspect of its predecessor. The latter has, in fact, become a real standard of the house. Formerly tinted with a midnight blue lacquer, this time it offers a gradient ranging from light brown to brown. Its color is warmer and evokes all the sensuality of the essence it contains.

Likewise, its previously matte black cap is now very luminous and delivers a very elegant coppery hue. In addition, the bottle of Armani Code Profumo is not the only one to evoke a little air of déjà vu.

Indeed, Armani also wanted to keep his muse. Thus, this new essence will also be represented by the very handsome Chris Pine. Also, he’s been the Armani Code face since 2014 and no one can resist his magnetic blue gaze. Giorgio Armani himself had confided to be delighted with this collaboration. This actor who made the buzz in the Star Trek saga perfectly embodies the style of the Armani man and we can not wait to discover him in the new commercial of the house.

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