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Armani Si Fiori, the new fragrance for women

Armani Si Fiori, the new fragrance for women
Armani Si Fiori, the new fragrance for women

Si Fiori: Armani reinvents its iconic fragrance and pays tribute to flowers

Armani is one of the biggest Italian brands, whose charm is undeniable and refinement almost unmatched. Armani has the gift of transporting us to an always luxurious and elegant universe, in particular thanks to its many fragrances. If there was to be only one to portray the whole class in Italian style, it would probably be Si , an essence imagined in 2013, as a tribute to modern femininity. Adored by women around the world, Si has already been reinvented many times. In 2019, it returns in a new form, becoming an irresistible blend of light, romance and grace. Focus on the new Si Fiori from Armani .

Si Fiori, the name of an already existing floral collection

If Armani’s new perfume is called Si Fiori, know that it is above all a floral collection. Indeed, the Italian brand does not only create clothes or perfumes, it is also interested in your interior decoration. For several years, Si Fiori has been designing a personalized floral collection, whose creations are both sober and elegant. Ideal for romantic weddings or private ceremonies, Si Fiori creations have the gift of leaving an unforgettable memory. However, it is precisely the same objective that the brand’s new fragrance is pursuing. Si Fiori is aimed at all city women, eager to add a touch of delicacy and refinement to their urban life.

When Armani bouquets become a perfume

Today, the sumptuous bouquets of Armani become a perfume. Si Fiori revolves mainly around the most emblematic feminine flower there is: the rose. Used since Antiquity to perfect feminine beauty, the rose occupies the center of this perfume here. Si Fiori is also illuminated with neroli, a Mediterranean and solar flower. In contrast, patchouli and oakmoss bring more depth to this fragrance. Si Fiori begins with a lively and fruity blend of blackcurrant and green mandarin. Its base, meanwhile, is smoother and more seductive, marrying vanilla and white musk.

If Fiori preserves the bottle of its predecessors

If Fiori is not being extravagant in terms of bottles. It preserves the silhouette of its predecessors. Thus, its rectangular and transparent base faces an opaque and rounded black cap. These two elements are connected by a golden ring in accordance with the refinement of this essence. Her femininity reappears in a particularly romantic soft pink color.

To embody this natural elegance on the screen, Armani has once again set its sights on actress Cate Blanchett, muse of the collection since 2013. She will not be alone this time. She will be joined by Chinese actress Elaine Zhong and models Adwoa Aboah and Sara Sampaio. However, no one knows for the moment the content of this new television clip.

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