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Baiser Fou de Cartier, an unforgettable moment

Baiser Fou de Cartier, an unforgettable moment
Baiser Fou de Cartier, an unforgettable moment

Baiser Fou is none other than the new fragrance from the Cartier house. However, its name alone says a lot about the ardor, intensity and sensuality it contains. This one is in line with its predecessor, Baiser Volé, for its part made in 2011. The latter takes us into the whirlwind of a passionate kiss, full of life and unforgettable . However, it was still necessary to live up to such ambitious promises… So, has the Cartier house succeeded in meeting the challenge?

Cartier gives thanks to its past as a jeweler

First of all, let’s stop for a moment to observe this magnificent bottle. Indeed, all in sobriety, this one perfectly echoes the famous poetic elegance of the Cartier house. In addition, let’s not forget that the brand first made a name for itself as a jeweler and jeweler.

It is therefore precisely to this past that the new bottle of Baiser Fou refers. This is topped with an intense red stone evocative of a luscious female mouth and covered with lipstick. If this is a call to kiss, it is also a reference to the many rubies worked by the Cartier workshops for decades. Everything is surrounded by a golden collar, a sign of all the sophistication of this great designer house.

Finally, the base of the whole is completely transparent as if to reveal a juice similar to an eau de Cologne, considered to be the eldest of our modern perfumery. The Baiser Fou bottle thus appears to be a link between the past and the present, the material and the immaterial, high perfumery and feelings of love.

The passionate fragrance of Baiser Fou

Likewise, on the flavor side, Cartier has taken on the crazy gamble of making a soliflore once again. Indeed, the brand had already carried out this exercise in style with the creation of Baiser Volé, a fragrance mainly made up of lilies. This time, in Baiser Fou, it is more about the orchid . This noble and elegant flower is worked here in all its facets, revealing itself in turn powdery, sensual, elegant or fiery.

To make such a recipe, Cartier called on its exclusive perfumer, the talented Mathilde Laurent. The latter is famous for her skin-deep sincerity and her career already marked by multiple awards. This personality, respected by his peers, thus appears to be a real guarantee of the quality of the content of Baiser Fou. The result is a fragrance with a unique scent, a real invitation to live the present moment, that of an urgent and unforgettable kiss.

Baiser Fou therefore appears to be a masterfully orchestrated fragrance, both in terms of design and scent. The orchid, queen of flowers, thus seems to have put on an imperious dress for a rendering similar to “a parenthesis suspended in the whirlwind of life”.

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