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Blushing Blush Powder, Clinique’s colorful touch

Blushing Blush Powder, Clinique's colorful touch
Blushing Blush Powder, Clinique‘s colorful touch

Bring color to your face with Clinique Blushing Blush Powder

The Clinique house has made itself known through a very simple skincare ritual: cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize. This now commonplace trio had in its time revolutionized the world of beauty. Then, on the strength of its notoriety, Clinique gradually developed its sector of activity, notably by gaining access to the world of perfumes and make-up. His craftsmanship and passion for enhancing natural beauty have remained unchanged. Thus, each of Clinique’s products aims to take care of your skin. This is particularly the case with her Blushing Blush Powder, a blush that will immediately give you a healthy glow.

Blushing Blush Powder, a natural and discreet blush

Blush is applied as the last touch of your makeup, long after your foundation. It is used to bring color to your skin, a bit like if you have just spent the day in the great outdoors. It is true that it is not always easy to keep a rosy complexion all year round. The blush is applied to the cheekbones, gently fading. The silky formula of Blushing Blush Powderby Clinique is very easy to apply and glides over the skin. Thus, it does not create any demarcation and offers a natural and discreet result. What’s more, it comes in six different colors, some of which are more rosy, and others are more peachy. All of these luminous shades are delivered to us in the form of particularly fine powders. The High Impact Curling is presented to us in a small silver palette, the interior of which also contains a sculpting brush perfectly suited to the application of the blush. Formulated without fat, Blushing Blush Powder is suitable for all skin types. Its unalterable color offers an irreproachable hold. Your face will only appear more sparkling!

How to properly apply your Blushing Blush Powder?

If the blush immediately gives a more lively and perky air, it is still necessary to know how to apply it well. A bad taste quickly happened, and it would be a shame if you suddenly looked like a clown! For this, it is essential to always keep a light hand when applying your Blushing Blush Powder. Its brush adapts perfectly to the shape of the face, and is ideally designed to take the right amount of powder. Then, you simply need to stretch the material from the hollow of your cheeks to the top of your cheekbones, just below your temples. Know that the blush should barely stand out. It is not a question of drawing large pink circles on your face but simply of accentuating the colored pigments of your skin there, in a very subtle way.

From now on, the cold winter days will no longer have any impact on you and people will no longer even notice that your face is sorely lacking in vacations and sun exposure …

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