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Code Absolu, the masculine novelty Girogio Armani

Code Absolu, the masculine novelty Girogio Armani
Code Absolu, the masculine novelty Girogio Armani

Armani Code Absolu, a new fragrance embellished with a muse of choice

Armani is a brand that perfectly characterizes what Italian elegance is in the world. His clothing style is recognizable among all, materialized by sober and refined lines, chic but not garish colors as well as rigorously selected raw materials. In 2004, Armani decided to develop a perfume in his image, as if to further perfect the overall style of his outfits. This is how Armani Code made its first appearance .

From now on, it is a staple in men’s perfumery and is reinventing itself year after year, as evidenced, moreover, by the last Armani Code A-List of 2018. This time, in 2019, the newcomer is called Armani Code Absolu and as such is embellished with a new ambassador.

Ryan Reynolds becomes the face of Armani Code

The news has just fallen on Instagram and continues to be talked about: the Girogio Armani fragrances will now call on a new muse for its Armani Code olfactory collection. The lucky winner is none other than Ryan Reynolds, famous Canadian producer and actor, notably associated with the role of hero of the Deadpool saga. For the very first time, this seducer becomes the face of a luxury brand.

On this occasion, he participated in a short film directed by director Reed Morano, and was immortalized by photographer Matthew Brookes. Succeeding Chris Pine, “Reynolds is the epitome of the Armani Code creation,” says Armani. With his authenticity, charm and relaxed style, Ryan Reynolds perfectly embodies the modern Armani Code man ”.

Armani Code Absolu, the newcomer to the Armani collection

But then, what about this new fragrance? First of all, let us note that its belonging to the great Armani family is obvious from the sight of its bottle. Indeed, its silhouette takes the same shape as before. A sort of totem, this bottle soars skyward, forming a cylinder stretched upwards. Its matte black cap remained identical to that of the very first version of Armani Code. Its base, on the other hand, has been metamorphosed. It has exchanged its opaque lacquering of the past for a transparent frosted glass. Its golden juice, meanwhile, is the pledge of all the refinement of Armani.

In terms of scents, Armani Code Absolu intensifies the heat of the juices that succeeded it. It wants to be more intense and incandescent than before. However, its liveliness is exemplary. Armani Code Absolu starts off with a vegetal and fiery breath of apple and tangerine. Its lively and juicy top notes give way to a more solar and Mediterranean orange blossom. Carrot seed and nutmeg spice up the whole. Finally, Armani Code Absolu ends on a more seductive note and reveals all the charm buried deep within your being. It combines the sweetness of suede, tonka bean and vanilla with more masculine and woody nuances.

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