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Giorgio Armani – Code Sport 2016

Giorgio Armani Code Sport 2016
Giorgio Armani Code Sport 2016

Armani Code Sport Edition 2016, a fresh new virility from the house of Armani

In 2004, Armani presented us with a cult perfume embodying its simple, sober and very refined style. Armani Code was born never to leave contemporary men again. However, it was not until 2011 to see its sport version appear . This one displays a magnetic, electrifying, irresistible and overwhelming sensuality. Also, in this month of July 2016, it seems that Armani has once again decided to sublimate men’s bodies with a charming and vitalizing scent. Armani Code Sport Edition 2016 already promises to awaken your senses for the coming summer season. It follows on from Code Profumo in the Code Homme line.

The unique and energizing breath of Armani

More than ever, an icy wind is blowing in the heart of the Armani house. Armani Code Sport Edition 2016 is an intriguing, mysterious and desirable essence. She is like the gaze of a seductive man, absolutely captivating but indomitable. Its flight begins with a particularly vitalizing trio of mint. Armani Code Sport 2016 contains notably wild mint, peppermint and spearmint. This unexpected bouquet displays an incredibly explosive and multifaceted freshness. What’s more, this blend is further complemented by a tangy and sparkling touch of mandarin. The Sicilian lemon is also there and gives the whole a more Mediterranean air. Then, the heart of Armani Code Sport Edition 2016 is even more impertinent. This displays the elegance of geranium associated with its more peppery appearance. What is more, this effect is further accentuated by a contribution of ginger, a raw material known for its aphrodisiac effects and which speaks volumes about the sensuality of this fragrance. The rosemary then brings a more aromatic touch to this juice while the virility of Armani Code Sport literally explodes thanks to the vetiver. Ambroxan, an iconic ingredient in this collection, is still there. As usual, it is played in overdose and displays exceptional concentration. Finally, labdanum completes this composition with its more herbaceous and floral presence. Undoubtedly, Armani Code Sport is absolutely perfect for all occasions, weekdays and weekends, day and night, to seduce,

The new design of Armani Code Sport Edition 2016

Nevertheless, a new perfume would be nothing without a new bottle. Of course, this one is immediately recognizable and is greatly inspired by its predecessors, Armani Code and Armani Code Sport. It stands out with its off-center shape with an elegant profile. Nevertheless, its black, opaque and matt lacquering from the past has given way to a transparent and elegant glass. This one displays a sober and refined gradient evolving from black to light gray. The whole is surmounted by a wide and striated collar designed in an anthracite gray color. Finally, as always, Armani Code Sport 2016is topped with an imposing cabochon. This one is tinted with an absolutely alluring glossy black. Only the name of Armani Code Sport Edition 2016 contrasts with the rest of this design. It is proudly displayed in red right on its glass wall, as if to symbolize the passion contained in the heart of this seductive setting.

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