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The new Absolute Code for Women Armani

The new Absolute Code for Women Armani
The new Absolute Code for Women Armani

Armani Code Absolu Femme, a more intense edition of the famous perfume by Giorgio Armani

Armani is one of the biggest Italian brands, particularly proud of its origins, and continually providing us with the portrait of a typically Mediterranean man or woman, that is to say endowed with a strong character, d ‘unalterable charisma and innate sensuality. Even today, it is precisely in this register that the last composition of the brand is inscribed. Armani Code Absolu Femme completes a vast olfactory collection, once again focused on intensity.

Armani Code Absolu Femme, the perfume of a woman who is not cold in the eyes

Armani Code Absolu Femme follows the recent creation of a men’s fragrance also called Armani Code Absolu . Designed in early 2019, it featured Canadian producer and actor Ryan Reynolds, Armani’s muse. Yes, but here it is, as in this film, this seducer does not usually stay alone for very long… Armani therefore had to design a female counterpart. Well, it is now done!

Armani Code Absolu Femme is announced for the beginning of April 2019 and is aimed at a woman who is not afraid of anything. After all, it takes daring and temperament to stand up to such an actor! Armani Code Absolu Femme preserves all the characteristic elegance of the Italian brand, while possessing a fiery temperament! Bright and contrasting, this perfume is not to leave you indifferent!

The elegant bottle by Giorgio Armani

The new bottle of Armani Code Absolu Femme is perfectly matched to that of its male version. Very inspired by their predecessors, these two bottles display a slender silhouette, stretching towards the sky. Armani Code Absolu Femme sat down in a minimalist and refined style. The sapphire blue of its very first edition has disappeared in favor of a golden lacquer. The woman who wears Armani Code Absolu Femme is therefore invited to put on her most beautiful evening dress! The set is topped with an opaque black cap faithful to the entire Armani Code collection. Despite the use of these two very contrasting shades, Armani Code Absolu Femme displays perfect harmony and a very minimalist style.

The floral and oriental breath of Armani Code Absolu Femme

It only remains for us to discover the scent of this perfume. As always, the orange blossom is placed at the center of this composition. Signature of the Armani Code Femme collection , it illuminates it and gives it a Mediterranean temperament. In addition, its carnal breath and complemented by other flowers such as jasmine or tuberose. Neroli further strengthens the solar breath of the whole. The top notes of Armani Code Absolu Femme are particularly contrasting, daring the freshness of mandarin and the peppery warmth of ginger. Tonka bean and sandalwood soften everything with their comforting, milky breath. Armani Code Absolu Femme ends with the seductive and sulphurous charm of vanilla.

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